Yarns (from 4 lbs to 600 lbs in both single & multiple ply)

Description of Jute Yarn : 

100% tossa jute yarn, with oil content less than 2% and moisture content not more than 14%-

  • Quality: CRM/CRT/CRX/CRP/RCI/CB/Sacking/Hessian
  • QualityWilton/Axminster
  • Quality: Mining fuse Yarn
  • Quality: Tatami Yarn
  • Quality: Cable Yarn
  • Quality: Espadrille Yarn
  • Quality: Rope making Yarn
  • Quality: Various horticulture Yarn


Currently we are supplying the following counts of CRM/CRT/CRX/CRP/RCI/CB/Sacking/Hessian Yarn


Single ply Double Ply Three Ply
06 lbs / 1ply
8 lbs / 1 ply 8 lbs/2 ply 8 lbs/3 ply
9 lbs / 1 ply 9 lbs/2 ply 9 lbs/ 3 ply
10 lbs / 1ply 10 lbs/2 ply 10 lbs/3 ply
11 lbs / 1ply 11 lbs/2 ply 11 lbs/3 ply
12 lbs / 1ply 12 lbs/2 ply 12 lbs/3 ply
13 lbs / 1ply 13 lbs/2 ply 13 lbs/3 ply
14 lbs / 1ply 14 lbs/2 ply 14 lbs/3 ply
16 lbs/ 1 ply 16 lbs/2 ply 16 lbs/3 ply
18 lbs/ 1 ply 18 lbs/2 ply 18 lbs/3 ply
19 lbs/ 1 ply 18 lbs/2 ply 19 lbs/3 ply
20 lbs/ 1 ply 20 lbs/2 ply 20 lbs/3 ply
24 lbs/1 ply 24 lbs/2 ply 24 lbs/3 ply
26 lbs/1 ply 26 lbs/2 ply 26 lbs/3 ply
28 lbs/1 ply 28 lbs/2 ply 28 lbs/3 ply
34 lbs/1 ply 34 lbs/2 ply 34 lbs/ 3 ply.
36 lbs/1 ply 36 lbs/2 ply 36 lbs/3 ply.
38 lbs/1 ply 38 lbs/2 ply 38 lbs/3 ply.
40 lbs/1 ply



  • Mini spool/ ball
  • Pva coating
  • Dyeing (various colors)
  • Scanned
  • Spliced joints/staggered knots


Winding Types :

  • cylindrical
  • conical
  • cone-less spools
  • hanks


Special Features :

  • High strength
  • Long functional life
  • Smooth texture
  • Perfectly dyed and finished
  • Cost effective



  1. Pallet: Wooden pallet. 72 spools per pallet. corrected paper used top and bottom layer of spool and in between the spool finally  pallet wrapped by wrapping film.
  2. Pallet: Precision wound on wooden or paper conical spool size approximately 10″x14″x1″ in pallet packing.
  3. Truss: precision wound on wooden conical spool,spool size 10”x12”x1 ,10″ x 10″ x 1, each spool wrapped by polythene,4/ 6 spool per truss weight each spool about 12-13, 9-10 kgs , finally packed by hessian cloth.


Loading Capacity:

  • 1x20fcl’ container =  15 m/ton.
  • 1x40fcl’ container =  26 m/ton.


Minimum Order Quantity:

  • 1x20fcl’ container or 15 m/ton.
  • 1x40fcl’ container or 26 m/ton.


Maximum Order Quantity:

  • 67 containers of 20 feet/about 1005 m/ton
  • 40 containers of 40 feet/about 1040 m/ton


Payment Term for Jute Yarn/Sliver/Rope/Raw Jute:

  • Payment Term First Option: 30% advance tt and rest of the payment after bl and scanned documents.
  • Payment Term Second Option: ​4​0% advance tt and rest of the payment ​when the product  arrives to buyer’s port then buyer will confirm rest 60% payment against bl& scanned documents​.
  • Payment Term Third Option:through irrevocable & confirmed l/c at sight to be opened from a first class bank confirmed by citibank new york/first class european bank. ​
  • Note: we don’t accept cad payment/90 day’s l/c/120 day’s l/c

Note on payment term : Due to international embargo few middle east and African countries l/c is not accepted in Bangladesh that is why those countries have to follow tt payment term.


Payment Term for Jute Bag/Shopping Bag/Handicrafts & so on:

  1. Payment Term :50% advance TT and rest of the payment after bl and scanned documents.
  2. ​Note: We don’t accept cad payment/90 day’s l/c/120 day’s l/c​


Note on payment term :due to international embargo few middle east and African countries l/c is not accepted in Bangladesh that is why those countries have to follow TT payment term.


Shipment Mode:

We regularly ship our products to any port of destinations of the world as per buyer’s requirement through 20feet/40 feet container by vessel on fob/ c&f/ cif basis. and also we do air shipment for our valued buyer’s emergency.

For our valued  buyer’s satisfaction we always keep our highly experienced representative in the port of loading for checking the container/containers as the goods are stuffed in container/containers in  fresh condition.


Regular Shipment Time:

For small order like 2/3 containers we need 15 to 20 days to complete shipment after getting 30%/40%/l/c payment confirmation & in case of large order shipment schedule will be discussed with our valued buyer in details.


Urgent Shipment :

If you any of our esteemed buyers needs urgent shipment,depending on discussion this matter will be solved also.


If our valued buyer wants sample:

If our valued buyer requires sample from us for checking our quality, Please don’t feel hesitation to ask for sample but for that we want your d.h.l/t.n.t/fed-x account number.

Depending on our buyer’s request sample will be forwarded to the mentioned country.

However if our valued buyer doesn’t have any account with d.h.l/t.n.t/fed-x then they have to bear courier cost and we will offer sample free of cost.