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Military Bag

Military Bag: 

We are the leading exporter of Jute Sackings, Jute Hessian or Burlap Bags, Hessian Twill or Burlap Flour Bags, Food grade Coffee Sacks, Hydrocarbon Free Jute Bags, Burlap Feed / Grain Sacks, Heavy duty & plus size sacks, Jute Burlap Sand bags, Jute Woolpacks, A-Twill, B-Twill, L-Twill, D.W. Flour, D.W. Salt, D.W. Nitrates, Heavy Cees, Light Cees, Sydney Woolpacks, Australian Woolpacks, Australian Corn sacks, New Zealand Corn sacks, New Zealand Woolpacks, Fine Twill Cloth, Cement Bags etc.

These kind of food grade bags are treated with eatable oil to eliminate the harmful effects of hydrocarbon and guards against any kind of chemical contamination.

They are also called as food grade bags. Such bags does not smell of kerosene oil and can be seen using for packing or storing sugar, coffee, cocoa, rice, potato, onions, peanuts etc.

Hydrocarbon free jute bags are eco-friendly, bio degradable and can be recycled. From Bangladesh. Sacking Cloth is a heavier fabric than hessian cloth, woven wholly from jute fabrics and the bags.


Jute Military Bag/Jute Sand Bag: (A)

Size: 33″ × 14″ Size: 33″ × 14″ (84 Cm x 35.50 Cm)

Cloth Type: Ex. 10 Oz / 40”

Porter & Shot: 11 × 12, Selvage Mouth, 40″ Double String, 1000 bags packing per iron bound bale.


Jute Military Bag/Jute Sand Bag: (B)

Size: 35″ × 20″ Size: 35 x 20 inch

Ex:– 35 in-10oz/40 in

Porter & Shot : 11 x 12, plain, selvege at mouth, herackle sewn one side & bottom, 1000 bags packing per iron bound bale

1 x 20 FCL = 52 bales = 52,000 pcs


Jute Military Bag/Jute Sand Bag: (C)

Size:15.75″ x 31.50″ inch40 x 80 cm

Ex :Cloth- 31.5”-10oZ/40”

Size: 15.75 x 31.50 inch (40 x 80 CM)

Ex: Cloth- 31.5”-10oZ/40”

Weight: 214 gm (7.55 oZ)

Porter & Shot: 11 x 12, plain, selvedged at mouth, herackle sewn side and bottom, two tie string, 20 inch, 1000 bags packing per iron bound bale

1 x 20 FCL = 75 bales = 75,000 pcs


Jute Military Bag/Jute Sand Bag: (D)

33″ x 14″ Ex. 10-0z/ 40″ Porter&Shot 11×12
34″ x 14″ Ex. 10-0z/ 40″ Porter&Shot 11×12
35″ x 14″ Ex. 10-0z/ 40″ Porter&Shot 11×12
1000 Bags Packing Per Bale


Jute Sand Bags / Military Bags are the most well-known and reliable method of keeping floodwater away from property. They are flexible, hardwearing and biodegradable, meaning that the bag will naturally degrade over time.

Hessian sand bags / Military Bags have been used extensively for flood protection for many years. They also have excellent impact absorbing properties for applications such as military, defense and shooting ranges.

Hessian Sand bags / Military Bags are excellent for use are strong enough for temporary walls, raised bank, trench and levee construction. Filled with sand/cement mixture they are also able to be used to make effective sandbag walls. Strong, reusable, long lasting, breathable and environmentally friendly, these bags can be filled with sand sourced on-site, giving you a readymade weight or sediment control device. These traditional Sand Bags are biodegradable ensuring less of an impact on the environment if left to maintain levees, reinforcement, etc. Our Sand Bags come with a side cut for easy filling and a tie-string for easy closing.

Our Jute Sand bag / Military Bags are perfect for:

  • Flood control and protection
  • Reinforcing existing dike structures
  • Erosion control
  • Levee construction
  • Providing extra weight for traffic / road signs


Variety / Type of sand bag:

  1. Plain Burlap (Hessian Sand Bags)
  2. Military Sand bags
  3. Treated Burlap Sandbag
  4. Floods Control Sand Bags