Onion Bag

We are the leading exporter of Jute Sackings, Jute Hessian or Burlap Bags, Hessian Twill or Burlap Flour Bags, Food grade Coffee Sacks, Hydrocarbon Free Jute Bags, Burlap Feed / Grain Sacks, Heavy duty & plus size sacks, Jute Burlap Sand bags, Jute Woolpacks, A-Twill, B-Twill, L-Twill, D.W. Flour, D.W. Salt, D.W. Nitrates, Heavy Cees, Light Cees, Sydney Woolpacks, Australian Woolpacks, Australian Corn sacks, New Zealand Corn sacks, New Zealand Woolpacks, Fine Twill Cloth, Cement Bags etc.

These kind of food grade bags are treated with eatable oil to eliminate the harmful effects of hydrocarbon and guards against any kind of chemical contamination.

They are also called as food grade bags. Such bags does not smell of kerosene oil and can be seen using for packing or storing sugar, coffee, cocoa, rice, potato, onions, peanuts etc.

Hydrocarbon free jute bags are eco-friendly, bio degradable and can be recycled. From Bangladesh. Sacking Cloth is a heavier fabric than hessian cloth, woven wholly from jute fabrics and the bags.

 New Onion Jute Bag:

31″ x 20″ Ex. 7 – 0z / 40″ Porter&Shot 9 x 8
33″ x 20″ Ex. 7-0z/40″ Porter&Shot 9 x 8
40″ x 20″ Ex. 7 – 0z / 40″ Porter&Shot 9 x 8
1000 Bags Packing Per Bale


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